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Windows® Phone 7 Application Development 24-Hour Trainer

Video Description

Welcome to the video portion of Windows® Phone 7 Application Development 24-Hour Trainer

Ramp up your knowledge for developing apps for Windows Phone 7

Apps built for previous versions of Windows phones will not run on the new Windows Phone 7, forcing developers to quickly get up to speed on this new platform. This unique book-and-video package gets you in the game of creating exciting apps for Windows Phone 7. Concise chapters and instructor-led lessons on the video quickly update your skills for understanding the Windows Phone 7 architecture and using Microsoft's Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Blend or using the free Windows Phone Developer Tools.

  • Features a book-and-video combo that quickly gets you started on developing apps for the new Windows Phone 7 platform

  • Includes working code samples on both the tutorial video and companion Web site

  • Covers installing development tools, creating a new project, supporting multi-touch, using screen rotation and auto sizing, and more

  • Explains packing and deploying your apps as well as securing your system

  • Details the Windows Phone 7 architecture and Windows Phone navigation and UI controls

  • Concise chapters and a tutorial video make this a must-have package if you're determined to get started developing apps for the Windows Phone 7 platform immediately!