In April 2003, Microsoft’s Jeffrey Snover gave me an early peek at PowerShell or, as it was known in its beta days, “Monad.” I must admit that, while I fell in love with PoSH at first sight, I was just too darned busy with other work to really get my hands dirty with it for another five years, and I soon realized that boy, had I missed a few memos. “Objects in a pipeline? Is that anything like snakes on a plane?” “Hash tables? Can I get mine with a fried egg?”

Yup, there was a lot to learn, and I nearly wore out Google looking up PoSH-y things. Just about every one of those searches, however, seemed to lead me to the same place: the Hey, Scripting Guy! Blog. I quickly noticed that the blog delivered new articles daily, and so I was very ...

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