Chapter 11. Metaprogramming with scriptblocks and dynamic code

11.1 Scriptblock basics
11.2 Building and manipulating objects
11.3 Using the Select-Object cmdlet
11.4 Dynamic modules
11.5 Steppable pipelines
11.6 A closer look at the type-system plumbing
11.7 Extending the PowerShell language
11.8 Building script code at runtime
11.9 Compiling code with Add-Type
11.10 Summary

Philosophy have I digested, The whole of Law and Medicine, From each its secrets I have wrested, Theology, alas, thrown in. Poor fool, with all this sweated lore, I stand no wiser than I was before.

Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Faust

Greek letters are cool...

Not actually a quote from Beavis and Butthead

Chapters 7 and 8 covered the basic elements of programming ...

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