Chapter 18. Working with COM

18.1 Working with COM in PowerShell
18.2 Automating Windows with COM
18.3 Working with the WScript.Shell class
18.4 Using COM to manage applications
18.5 The WSH ScriptControl class
18.6 Working with the Windows Task Scheduler
18.7 Issues with COM
18.8 Summary

A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!

King Richard in William Shakespeare’sThe Life and Death of King Richard III

At the end of Shakespeare’s Richard III, King Richard stands upon a plain, surrounded by foes, crying out for the one thing that he needs to continue on. Sort of like the noble sysadmin: “A tool! A tool! My kingdom for a tool!” Okay, perhaps not exactly like that, but at times, we do feel set upon from all sides, crying out desperately ...

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