Welcome to Windows PowerShell 2 For Dummies, your ticket to the awesome and magical world of Windows PowerShell. (Well, maybe it's not quite so magical, but at least your co-workers will think you're magical when you're done reading this book.) This book is a no-fluff, get-you-the-information-you-need-today kind of book, so if you like to read chapter after chapter of boring technical literature that keeps going around in circles, put this book back on the shelf, and walk away quietly. If, however, you want to read a book that is engaging, gives you the information you need to know rather than just a bunch of things you might want to know, and gets you up and running with Windows PowerShell as quickly as possible, then this book is for you!

About This Book

Windows PowerShell 2 For Dummies is an introductory guide to this relatively new and fascinating Windows scripting environment that's revolutionizing the way programmers think about Windows scripting. Before Windows PowerShell 2, there was Windows PowerShell 1.0 (what a shocker!). Windows PowerShell 2 takes the best elements of Windows PowerShell 1.0 and greatly improves on them, thanks in great part to the feedback from the Windows PowerShell community.

My goal in this book is to give you a concrete understanding of how things work in Windows PowerShell and fortify that knowledge with plenty of real-world examples that I'm sure you'll be able to relate to. In many cases, very short and quick examples are sufficient, ...

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