Chapter 9. Managing Disks and Disk Storage


  • UNDERSTAND THE BASICS (Pages 294–309)

    • Learn Disk Management and Storage Terminology (Page 294)

    • Work with Your Storage (Page 296)

    • Work with Partitions (Page 303)

    • Use DiskPart (Page 306)

  • WORK WITH RAID VOLUMES (Pages 309–317)

    • Understand RAID Levels (Page 309)

    • Implement RAID (Page 312)

  • MANAGE DISK STORAGE (Pages 318–322)

    • Manage Disk Storage Quotas (Page 318)

In this chapter, you will learn some of the fundamentals of working with the hard drives on your system. You will get to see the basics of hard drive management and learn how to create, format, and delete your partitions. You will look at the tools needed to make sure your disks are running properly and are properly formatted. ...

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