Using WMI and CIM

Using WMI in PowerShell has similar conceptual logic as in WSH. The main difference is that the PowerShell methods are based on WMI .NET instead of the WMI Scripting API. You have three methods for using WMI in PowerShell: WMI .NET (which is the .NET System.Management and System.Management.Instrumentation namespaces), the Get-WmiObject cmdlet, or the PowerShell WMI type accelerators: [WMI], [WMIClass], and [WMISearcher].

The first method, using the System.Management and System.Management. Instrumentation namespaces, isn’t discussed in this chapter because it’s not as practical as the other methods. It should be only a fallback method in case PowerShell isn’t correctly encapsulating an object within a PSObject object when using ...

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