Microsoft continues to improve on its server operating system with its release of Windows Server 2019. Although Windows Server 2019 doesn’t introduce any huge sweeping changes, it offers some great new features, simplifies some administrative tasks, and is, overall, a very polished version of Windows Server.

Security features have been improved upon that allow you to protect your user’s accounts and your organization’s devices, and staples like drive encryption with BitLocker Drive Encryption are still a tried-and-true part of the operating system. Shielded virtual machines (VMs) have also gotten some improvements, including the ability to run Linux!

Changes have also been made to make automation simpler. This includes improvements to Microsoft’s virtualization software and capabilities, and support for orchestration and automation tools. This has made Windows Server 2019 a better operating system for system administrators who need to deploy systems quickly and for developers who need to test their workloads against stable, production-like systems.

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I try to cover as many of the everyday topics that you would need to know as a system administrator and explain things that are outside of your daily work. My goal with this book is to ...

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