Chapter 3

Performing the Basic Installation


Bullet Installing the prerequisites to support a successful installation

Bullet Doing a clean install of Windows Server 2019

Bullet Upgrading from a previous version of Windows Server

Bullet Performing a network install with Windows Deployment Services (WDS)

You’ve made the decision: You want to install Windows Server 2019. Great! You may be wondering what’s next. One of the most important things you can do to ensure a successful installation is make sure that you’re meeting all the prerequisites for Windows Server 2019. By ensuring that you have the appropriate hardware to meet the needs of the operating system, you can definitely save yourself some headaches later.

When you’ve got everything necessary to install Windows Server 2019, you’re ready to go. In this chapter, I walk you through how to perform a clean install as well as an upgrade install. I also explain how to do a network install with Windows Deployment Services.

Tip You should know that you ...

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