Chapter 2

Configuring Server Hardware


Bullet Working with Device Manager

Bullet Adding new hardware with the Add Hardware Wizard

Bullet Configuring hard drives and performing other storage-related tasks

Bullet Completing printer-related setup and configuration tasks

Bullet Performing other configuration tasks

Whenever you’re working with a brand-new server, and sometimes when you’re working with an older one, you’ll have configuration tasks you need to perform. Some of these tasks are related to the operating system and the applications you want to install; others are related to the server hardware.

When you first install a new server, one of the first things that you’ll want to do is verify that all the hardware is functional. This means checking to ensure that there is a driver present for each piece of hardware and that none of the devices is having issues.

With an older server that is having issues, you need to be able troubleshoot whether the hardware is the issue. This is especially important ...

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