Chapter 6

Managing DNS and DHCP with IP Address Management


Bullet Getting IP Address Management up and running

Bullet Setting up IP Address Management the way you want

Bullet Working with IP Address Management

When you work for a smaller organization, managing your Domain Name System (DNS) and Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) servers isn’t all that bad. You may have one server or just a handful of servers. As your organization grows, however, you may start to feel the pain of managing multiple DNS and DHCP servers. It may get more difficult to keep track of all the zone and scopes.

Microsoft chose to solve for the inevitable sprawl of DNS and DHCP servers with a feature known as IP Address Management (IPAM). The name is super catchy, don’t you think? IPAM combines the management of your network services like DNS and DHCP into one application so you can manage both your DNS infrastructure and your DHCP infrastructure all from a central management console.

One of the really great things about IPAM is that it can tell you when a subnet is being very heavily utilized. This can help you keep track of when you may need to add additional subnets so that your users or systems don’t ...

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