Chapter 2

Setting Group Policy


Bullet Understanding how Group Policy works in an Active Directory domain

Bullet Starting the Group Policy Editor to work with Group Policy Objects

Bullet Performing computer management with Group Policy

Bullet Achieving user configuration with Group Policy

Bullet Viewing Resultant Set of Policy to troubleshoot issues with Group Policy

Making settings changes on one or two systems isn’t that bad. But imagine you work in an enterprise with 200 systems. Or 2,000 systems. Suddenly making settings changes on individual machines becomes an impossible task. This is where Group Policy comes into play.

Group Policy allows you create a policy and then target that policy to users or systems within organizational units (OUs), security groups, or even on an individual basis. Group Policy is a very powerful way to enforce your organization’s requirements across all Active Directory domain joined systems. Common items that get configured by Group Policy are

  • Password policies
  • User ...

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