Chapter 7

Working with PowerShell


Bullet Opening a PowerShell window with administrative privileges

Bullet Configuring and customizing your PowerShell session

Bullet Setting environmental variables with PowerShell

Bullet Obtaining assistance from within the PowerShell window

Bullet Understanding PowerShell punctuation and how to use it

The Command Prompt has been a staple for many years, but Microsoft has been making a big push toward PowerShell. And it’s not hard to see why. PowerShell can run the same utilities and things that can be run in the Command Prompt, but it can also run much more than that. By importing modules, you can expand the things that PowerShell can do.

PowerShell is a very flexible option for system administrators. The console can run the legacy commands that were available in the Command Prompt, as well as the newer PowerShell commands and scripts. PowerShell improves on the ability to support automation across platforms, including on-premise datacenters, Azure, Amazon Web Services ...

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