Chapter 2

Configuring Shared Resources


Bullet Understanding the differences between shared folder permissions with file system security

Bullet Sharing resources on Windows Server 2019

Bullet Setting up federated access with Active Directory Federation Services

Bullet Understanding and deploying Active Directory Rights Management Services

One of the most common tasks that a system administrator faces when getting systems on the network is making sure that the resources on those systems are available.

In this chapter, I explain shared folder permissions, printer sharing, and how to share other items of interest from your server. I also explain how to set up Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS), which allows you to use the same authentication source against other entities and applications, as well as configure Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) to protect documents that you’re sharing internally and externally.

Comparing Share Security with File System Security

Making resources available to your end users without giving them access to the servers the resources are on ...

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