Chapter 1

Introduction to Containers in Windows Server 2019


Bullet Understanding containers in Windows Server 2019

Bullet Examining common use cases for containers

Bullet Deciding what type of containers you want to use

Bullet Implementing containers at scale

Virtualization drastically changed the way that IT operated in organizations of all sizes, but containers have had a large impact as well. You may be wondering why someone would want to use containers. They’re just virtual machines (VMs), right? Well, not exactly. The technologies may seem similar, but containers and VMs are not the same. VMs are presenting virtual hardware to the user. Containers don’t expose the hardware or the operating system; they’re meant to run applications in isolation.

In this chapter, I fill you in on containers — what they are, why you would use them, and how the Windows Server implementation will work for you.

Understanding Containers

VMs can be thought of as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Although VMs do present virtual hardware to system administrators, the administrators of virtual servers don’t have ...

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