Chapter 2

Docker and Docker Hub


Bullet Introducing Docker

Bullet Getting acquainted with Docker Hub

Before I introduce you to containers in Windows Server, you need a good understanding of the technology that Windows containers are based off of. That would be Docker!

In this chapter, I introduce you to Docker and Docker Hub and explain how you can use them in conjunction with Windows Server to begin your container journey.

Introduction to Docker

Docker is an open-source platform that assists you in packaging and deploying applications. You can run multiple containers on a container host, and because they share the container host’s kernel, they use fewer resources than virtual machines (VMs) because you don’t need the overhead of a hypervisor to manage them.

Docker architecture

Docker is architected to use a client–server model. The Docker client talks to the Docker server component, which is called a daemon. Your Docker client can be on the same server as the Docker daemon, or you can run the Docker client from your workstation.

The Docker server

The Docker server is the brains of the operation. It manages much of what goes on in Docker, including the various objects that are created, and communications with the Docker application programming interface (API). The server ...

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