Implementing nested Hyper-V

Nested Hyper-V is a cool feature of Windows 2019 and Windows 10 (Anniversary Update and later). Nested Hyper-V enables a Hyper-V VM to host VMs that also have virtualization enabled. You could, for example, take a physical host (say, HV1) and on that host run a VM (PSDirect). With nested Hyper-V, you could install Hyper-V in the PSDirect VM to enable that VM to host further VMs.

Nested VMs have a number of uses. First, nested VMs hosted in one VM are provided hardware isolation from nested VMs run in other VMs. This provides a further level of security for virtual machines. Nested Hyper-V is also useful for testing and education/training. In a training course, you could give a student one VM (running in a large blade ...

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