Retrieving performance counters using Get-Counter

Within Windows, a performance counter set is a set of performance counters. Each counter in a counter set measures an aspect of your system related to that counter set. In this recipe, we explore counter sets and counters on several servers.

Getting ready

This recipe uses DC1, DC2, SRV1, SRV2, HV1, and HV2. These are servers that you have worked with in various recipes in this book. DC1 and DC2 are domain controllers, HV1 and HV2 host Hyper-V, and SRV1 and SRV2 are general-purpose Windows servers. All of these systems are running Windows 2019 Datacenter edition. Run this recipe from SRV1.

How to do it...

  1. Discover performance counter sets on SRV1:
    $CounterSets = Get-Counter -ListSet * $CS1 = 'There are ...

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