Chapter 4. The Wired Ethernet Network

  • Connect the hardware

  • Understand the hardware’s boot order

  • Personalize your network

  • Turn on the network and share an Internet connection

  • Add PCs or a Mac

ETHERNET is a widely used networking technology and is one of the easiest to physically connect. The physical connection involves plugging in a hub, switch, or router and then connecting the PC with Ethernet cables. If you have a broadband modem, the router is positioned (virtually) between it and the PCs.

The speed that data is transferred across the network depends on the hardware you own and purchase. Older Ethernet cards transmit data at 10 Mbps; fast Ethernet transmits at 100 Mbps; and Gigabit Ethernet transmits at 1 gigabit per second (Gbps), that is, 1 billion ...

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