Chapter 18. Ten Additional Security Tools and Resources You Shouldn't Compute Without

In This Chapter

  • Discover what tools you must have to fight malware

  • Get the scoop on online resources that you shouldn't be without

  • Where to get fun and easy‐to‐use security Sidebar add‐ons

Literally dozens of nifty little security tools can help you batten down the hatches and secure your system from many of the ills of the digital world. In this chapter, I cover the security tools that I believe will give you the most bang for your buck, while balancing ease of use with the potential security risks that you likely will encounter on your journey.

Antivirus Software

Although Vista certainly reflects Microsoft's ambition to make a more secure operating system, it's not perfect. If you've heard the hype about not needing to use antivirus software protection with Vista, you need to dismiss that notion. You do need to purchase additional antivirus software protection instead of just relying on Vista's built‐in tools. Even Microsoft backed off its original claims that you can safely compute without additional antivirus software. Microsoft, too, now recommends that you use it. Here are some things that you need to consider when selecting an antivirus software product for Vista:

  • Vista compatibility: As you might have either guessed or experienced if you're already using Vista, not all applications are compatible with this new OS. When you select an antivirus software program that works for you, pay special attention ...

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