Sharing Your Photo and Video Gallery
8. Use the “Preview next print page” and “Preview previous print page” buttons to
review how the pictures will print.
By default, the pictures are enhanced and sharpened before printing
and the Print Pictures dialog box hides options that may not be com-
patible with your printer. To change these print settings, click the
Options link.
9. Click Print to print your pictures.
Emailing Your Pictures and Videos
Windows Photo Gallery makes it easy to send copies of pictures and videos to your
friends as attachments to an email message. With pictures, it’ll even show you the
estimated size of the attached pictures and let you resize pictures automatically so
that they have smaller file sizes.
Emailing pictures
In Windows Photo Gallery, you can email pictures to your friends by completing the
following steps:
1. Select the pictures you want to email and then click the Email button.
2. In the Attach Files dialog box, shown in Figure 9-21, the total estimated size of
the attached pictures is listed. To reduce the size of the attachments, use the
“Picture size” list to select a new size. Windows will then resize the pictures if
you’ve changed the picture size.
3. When you click Attach, Windows will open a new email message in your default
mail program and attach the pictures to this message.
4. After you complete the To, Cc, Subject, and message body fields as appropriate,
you can send the message with your pictures attached by clicking Send.
Figure 9-21. Reducing the picture size to make the attachments smaller

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