Chapter 16: Using Windows Mail, Calendars, and Contacts
You can also share handouts during the meeting. When you share handouts, a
selected file is copied to each participant’s computer. One participant at a time can
then make changes to the copy of the handout, and those changes will be made to all
participants’ handouts. The original file will not be changed, however. To share a
handout, click “Add a handout.” If you see a warning prompt, click OK. In the
“Select files to add” dialog box, select the file or files to share, and then click Open.
Joining a Windows Meeting Space Session
You can join a Windows Meeting Space session in several different ways. When the
person holding the meeting is on the same LAN as you, you can join a Windows
Meeting Space session by completing these steps:
1. Start Windows Meeting Space.
2. Click “Join a meeting near me” in the main window.
3. Click the meeting to join.
4. In the Password field, enter a password for the meeting.
5. Click the “Join a meeting” button.
If you’ve received an invitation from a person holding a meeting, you can join the ses-
sion by double-clicking the invitation file and then providing the required password
Figure 16-28. Holding a virtual meeting

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