Windows Vista® Step by Step Deluxe Edition

Book description

The smart way to learn Windows Vista one step at a time! Updated with expanded coverage, this deluxe edition covers all of the latest Windows Vista features. You ll discover the smartest ways to stay organized with Windows® Mail, Windows Contact, Windows LiveTM Messenger, Windows Meeting Space, Windows Calendar, and Windows SidebarTM. You ll also learn how to work with graphics and documents by using Windows Paint, NotePad, and WordPad. Even more, learn how to have fun with Windows Vista and your digital media creating home videos and more! Plus, you still get coverage of the fundamentals of working with Windows Vista, including how to navigate the new user interface and how to use Instant Search to find anything on your desktop! Work at your own pace through the easy numbered steps, practice files on CD, helpful hints, and troubleshooting help and learn how to manage files and folders to simplify your work, hook up printers and other devices, and connect to the Internet. You will also discover how to use security-enhanced features to help protect your PC. The companion CD includes skill-building practice files, eBooks, and more! With STEP BY STEP, you can take just the lessons you need or work from cover to cover. Either way, you drive the instruction building and practicing the skills you need, just when you need them!

Key Book Benefits

Learn how to use Windows Vista by taking just the lessons you need or by working from cover to cover you set the pace

Features easy-to-follow lessons and hands-on skill-building exercises

Includes expanded coverage: Windows Mail, Windows Contacts, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Meeting Space, Windows Sidebar, and more

Includes a companion CD with skill-building practice files, an eBook, and sample chapters from other popular books

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Table of contents

  1. Windows Vista® Step by Step, Deluxe Edition
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    2. A Note Regarding Supplemental Files
    3. About the Authors
      1. The Team
      2. Online Training Solutions, Inc. (OTSI)
    4. Introducing Windows Vista
      1. Windows Vista Editions
        1. Windows Vista Home Basic
        2. Windows Vista Home Premium
        3. Windows Vista Ultimate
        4. Windows Vista Business
        5. Windows Vista Enterprise
      2. Let’s Get Started!
    5. The Microsoft Business Certification Program
      1. Selecting a Certification Path
      2. Becoming a Microsoft Certified Application Specialist—Windows Vista
      3. Taking a Microsoft Business Certification Exam
        1. Test-Taking Tips
        2. Certification
      4. For More Information
    6. Information for New Computer Users
      1. Using Your Mouse
      2. Working with Windows
      3. Giving Instructions
      4. Message Boxes
    7. Features and Conventions of This Book
    8. Using the Companion CD
      1. What’s on the CD?
      2. Minimum System Requirements
        1. Windows Vista
        2. Step-by-Step Exercises
      3. Installing the Practice Files
      4. Using the Practice Files
      5. Removing and Uninstalling the Practice Files
    9. Getting Help
      1. Getting Help with This Book and Its Companion CD
      2. Getting Help with Windows Vista
    10. Quick Reference
      1. 1 Getting Started with Windows Vista
      2. 2 Working Efficiently in Windows Vista
      3. 3 Working with Folders and Files
      4. 4 Personalizing Windows Vista
      5. 5 Installing and Configuring Devices
      6. 6 Safely and Efficiently Accessing the Internet
      7. 7 Working with Programs
      8. 8 Making Connections
      9. 9 Communicating with Other People
      10. 10 Staying Organized
      11. 11 Working with Graphics and Documents
      12. 12 Working with Digital Media
      13. 13 Managing Computer Security
      14. 14 Optimizing Your Computer System
      15. 15 Identifying and Solving Problems
    11. 1. Getting Started with Windows Vista
      1. Logging On to Windows Vista
      2. Activating Windows
      3. Updating Windows System Files
      4. Ending a Computing Session
      5. Making Your Computer Easier to Use
      6. Key Points
      7. Keyboard Shortcuts
    12. 2. Working Efficiently in Windows Vista
      1. Finding Your Way Around the Windows Desktop
      2. Using and Modifying the Start Menu
      3. Finding Your Way Around Your Computer
      4. Using and Modifying the Taskbar
      5. Controlling Your Computer by Using Voice Commands
      6. Creating Shortcuts to Files, Folders, and Programs
      7. Rearranging and Deleting Items on the Desktop
      8. Key Points
      9. Keyboard Shortcuts
    13. 3. Working with Folders and Files
      1. Navigating to Folders and Files
      2. Viewing Folders and Files in Different Ways
      3. Viewing Information About a Folder or File
      4. Creating, Renaming, and Deleting Folders and Files
      5. Moving and Copying Folders and Files
      6. Finding Specific Information
      7. Key Points
      8. Keyboard Shortcuts
    14. 4. Personalizing Windows Vista
      1. Changing the Look of Windows Vista on Your Screen
      2. Optimizing Visual Effects
      3. Changing the Desktop Background
      4. Selecting and Managing a Screen Saver
      5. Managing Your System Date and Time
      6. Changing Your Computer’s Name
      7. Key Points
      8. Keyboard Shortcuts
    15. 5. Installing and Configuring Devices
      1. Displaying More on Your Monitor
      2. Configuring Your System for Multiple Monitors
      3. Changing the Way Your Mouse Works
      4. Changing the Keyboard Input Language
      5. Configuring Tablet PC Options
      6. Installing and Sharing a Local Printer
      7. Connecting to a Remote Printer
      8. Setting Up Speakers
      9. Setting Up a Microphone
      10. Key Points
      11. Keyboard Shortcuts
    16. 6. Safely and Efficiently Accessing the Internet
      1. Connecting to the Internet
      2. Displaying Web Sites in Internet Explorer 7
      3. Blocking Pop-Up Windows
      4. Changing Your Home Page
      5. Changing the Appearance of Web Content
      6. Finding, Saving, and Returning to Web Sites
      7. Printing Web Pages
      8. Sending Web Pages and Links to Other People
      9. Discovering and Subscribing to RSS Feeds
      10. Restricting Objectionable Content
      11. Key Points
      12. Keyboard Shortcuts
    17. 7. Working with Programs
      1. Installing and Removing Programs
        1. Installing Programs
        2. Removing Programs
      2. Managing Hard Disks
      3. Starting Programs Automatically
      4. Specifying the Default Program for a Type of File
      5. Recovering from Software Errors
      6. Playing Games
      7. Key Points
      8. Keyboard Shortcuts
    18. 8. Making Connections
      1. Connecting Your Computer to a Workgroup
      2. Setting Up a VPN Connection
      3. Connecting Your Computer to a Domain
      4. Accessing Your Domain Computer Remotely
      5. Sharing Drives and Folders
      6. Key Points
      7. Keyboard Shortcuts
    19. 9. Communicating with Other People
      1. Setting Up Windows Mail
      2. Sending and Receiving E-Mail Messages
      3. Faxing and Scanning Documents
      4. Conducting Online Meetings
      5. Key Points
      6. Keyboard Shortcuts
    20. 10. Staying Organized
      1. Using and Modifying Sidebar Gadgets
      2. Recording Notes
      3. Keeping Track of Contacts
      4. Keeping Track of Appointments and Meetings
      5. Key Points
      6. Keyboard Shortcuts
    21. 11. Working with Graphics and Documents
      1. Creating Simple Graphics
      2. Changing the Content, Size, and Orientation of Graphics
      3. Saving Graphic Files in Different Formats
      4. Printing Graphics
      5. Creating Simple Documents
      6. Formatting Words and Paragraphs
      7. Inserting Text and Graphics
      8. Printing Documents
      9. Key Points
      10. Keyboard Shortcuts
    22. 12. Working with Digital Media
      1. Viewing, Cataloging, and Fixing Pictures
      2. Playing Music
      3. Configuring Windows Media Center Options
      4. Burning Audio and Data Discs
      5. Sharing Pictures and Other Digital Media Files
      6. Key Points
      7. Keyboard Shortcuts
    23. 13. Managing Computer Security
      1. Administering Windows User Accounts
      2. Managing Your Windows User Account
      3. Limiting Access to the Computer, to Programs, and to the Internet
      4. Analyzing Your Computer’s Security
      5. Configuring Internet Security Zones
      6. Key Points
      7. Keyboard Shortcuts
    24. 14. Optimizing Your Computer System
      1. Locating System Information
      2. Monitoring Your Computer’s Performance
      3. Improving Your Computer’s Performance
      4. Turning Windows Features On and Off
      5. Managing Cached Files
      6. Removing Unnecessary Files
      7. Key Points
      8. Keyboard Shortcuts
    25. 15. Identifying and Solving Problems
      1. Finding Solutions to Common Problems
      2. Finding Information Through a Newsgroup
      3. Getting Help from Other Windows Users
      4. Backing Up and Restoring Files
      5. Restoring Your Operating System
      6. Transferring Software, Settings, and Files to Another Computer
      7. Key Points
      8. Keyboard Shortcuts
    26. Glossary
    27. A. Choose the Right Book for You
    28. Index
    29. SPECIAL OFFER: Upgrade this ebook with O’Reilly

Product information

  • Title: Windows Vista® Step by Step Deluxe Edition
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: February 2008
  • Publisher(s): Microsoft Press
  • ISBN: 9780735625327