Registry Console Utility — \windows\system32\reg.exe


A command-line utility to access and modify portions of the Windows Registry.

To Open

Command Prompt reg


reg command [options]


The Registry Console Utility performs all of the functions of the Registry Editor, discussed later in chapter and in Chapter 8, but can be used from the command line. It also does a few things Registry Editor can’t do, such as making a duplicate of a registry key (via copy, below). To use the Registry Console Utility, type reg, followed by one of the following commands and any applicable parameters:

query keyname [/v valuename | /ve] [/s]

Displays the data stored in a Registry value, where keyname is the full path of a registry key and valuename is the name of the value to query. Omit /v valuename to display list of all the values in keyname or specify /ve to query the (Default) value. Include /s to query all subkeys and values as well. Keyname can also include the name of a remote computer like this: query computer\keyname.

add keyname [/v valuename | /ve] [/d data] [/t typ] [/s sep] [/f]

Adds a new value. The keyname, /v, and /ve options are the same as with query, above. The /d option assigns data to the new value; if omitted, the new value will be empty. Use /t to specify the data type for the value; if omitted, a string value (REG_SZ) will be added. Use the /s option to specify a separator, used if you’re creating a REG_MULTI_SZ value. If the value being added already ...

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