Accessibility Options — \windows\system\access.cpl


Provides options for the accessibility tools in Windows XP

To Open

Control Panel [Accessibility Options] Accessibility Options

Command Prompt access.cpl


Accessibility is Microsoft’s term for the collection of tools and settings designed to make a computer easier to use for those with poor eyesight, hearing, or some other physical challenge. The settings in this dialog are shown on the following five tabs:


StickyKeys allows you to use keyboard combinations, such as Shift-Y and Alt-F4, without having to hold down more than one key simultaneously.

FilterKeys lets you configure Windows’ behavior when a key is held down, such as how long a key must be held down before it starts to repeat and how fast it repeats once it starts (settings are also available in Control Panel [Printers and Other Hardware] Keyboard Speed). However, FilterKeys also lets you disable keyboard repeat completely.

ToggleKeys instructs the Windows to play sounds whenever you press Caps Lock, Num Lock, or Scroll Lock.


SoundSentry lets you substitute visual warnings (e.g., flashing the titlebar or the entire screen) for sounds normally made for the system.

ShowSounds lets you substitute captions for speech and other sounds in programs that support this feature (unfortunately, not many do).


High Contrast is a quick way to choose a color scheme with more contrasting colors, which may make text and other ...

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