Manually Plugging in Internet Settings

Although the New Connection Wizard does an admirable job of trying to simplify the hairy process of accessing the Internet, it’s not always appropriate. Here are a few cases when you may want to arrange your settings manually:

  • You already have an Internet account.

  • You have a cable modem or DSL connection.

  • The New Connection Wizard didn’t find any ISPs with local phone numbers for you, but you’ve heard about a local service—offered by your local PC user group, for example—that sounds just right.

  • Your PC is connected to a network through which your company provides Internet service.

In each of these cases, you can still use the New Connection Wizard; however, a good deal more typing is required.

Via Dial-up Modem

If you connect to the Internet via telephone jack, like most of the world, choose StartAll ProgramsAccessoriesCommunicationsNew Connection Wizard. Make sure that your computer is plugged into a phone jack.

Click Next, “Connect to the Internet,” Next, “Setup my Internet connection manually,” and Next. Now click “Connect using a dial-up modem,” and then Next.

On the following several screens, you’ll be asked to type in a few pieces of information that only your ISP can provide: the local phone number that connects your PC to the Internet, your user name, and your password. (You can call your ISP for this information, or consult the literature delivered by postal mail when you signed up for an ISP account.)

You’ll also be offered these three ...

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