APPENDIX A Checklist of Areas to Focus on in the Next Six Months

Here are the better practices that you can take to get started very quickly in changing the way you handle the processes within your finance team.

Key Tasks to CompleteTick here if covered
Accounts Payable (AP)  
Is AP closed on the last working day or earlier?x25A1_MathematicalPi-Six_9n_000100 Yesx25A1_MathematicalPi-Six_9n_000100 No
Are accruals closed off before AP closure?x25A1_MathematicalPi-Six_9n_000100 Yesx25A1_MathematicalPi-Six_9n_000100 No
Have you introduced the purchase card?x25A1_MathematicalPi-Six_9n_000100 Yesx25A1_MathematicalPi-Six_9n_000100 No
Have you integrated systems with the major suppliers so they can send electronic invoices with your general ledger codes on them?x25A1_MathematicalPi-Six_9n_000100 Yesx25A1_MathematicalPi-Six_9n_000100 No
Do you have a web-based expense claim system that can be completed by staff no matter where they are in the world? Yes No
Have you introduced scanning ...

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