APPENDIX G Implementing a Quarterly Rolling Forecast Checklist

This checklist is an evolving tool and is designed to help ensure that while you are juggling the balls, you do not drop the ones that matter.

Secure Senior Management Team Commitment  
1. Sold the change through senior management team’s (SMT) and the board’s emotional drivers (historic evidence, including costs, better practices, benefits to them) via a presentation,x25A1_MathematicalPi-Six_9n_000100 Yesx25A1_MathematicalPi-Six_9n_000100 No
2. Get the board and SMT to agree to separate targets from forecasts.x25A1_MathematicalPi-Six_9n_000100 Yesx25A1_MathematicalPi-Six_9n_000100 No
3. Get commitment for the foundation stones of a quarterly rolling planning process.  
a. Separation of targets from forecasts (telling management the truth rather than what the managers want to hear).x25A1_MathematicalPi-Six_9n_000100 Yesx25A1_MathematicalPi-Six_9n_000100 No
b. A bottom-up process performed quarterly.x25A1_MathematicalPi-Six_9n_000100 Yes No
c. Forecast past year-end (e.g., ...

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