Chapter 4 Riding an Idea

DOI: 10.4324/9781003231837-4

All week long, an anxious Mo had been frequently stopping by the lab to see what Vinnie was up to. He could follow Vinnie’s tinkering, even though Vinnie said little when he saw him. Vinnie continued to tune up race bikes during the day, but Mo noticed more and more parts showing up at Vinnie’s workbench, including a gear mechanism from a hand drill. “I took this out of my cordless drill. I’ll have to order me a new drill,” Vinnie had said.

Mo also had noticed an old-style steel frame with steel pedal arms, a used rear wheel with an internal three-gear mechanism, and a large collection of steel gear wheels in many sizes and configurations. “Do we really need 20 gears in this first bike?” ...

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