Chapter 1

Introducing a Winning New Business Culture


check Beginning with the basics

check Surveying the steps

check Setting out for success

check Handing out rewards

With the possible exception of research and development, you could take away most other functions within a company and still be left with a business that existed to some degree. Try taking away new business, though, and you don’t have anything left that can operate as a business entity.

Winning new business is at the very forefront of every successful company and is a cultural thing. It’s not just the function of a group of new business salespeople acting independently from the rest of the business; winning new business is the fusion of different parts of the organization working together to deliver a winning solution for your clients. The specific role of the new business salesperson is to be the front end, the customer-facing part of this dynamic, building on the great things that back him up.

To introduce a winning new business culture (the topic of this chapter), you need to have a plan. I call it a methodology and refer ...

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