Chapter 10

Overcoming Objections


check Distinguishing real objections from noise

check Handling bias

check Addressing objections late in the sales cycle

check Discovering when and how you should walk away from a deal

In this chapter, I examine ways to deal with objections, both serious and time-wasting ones. By objection, I mean anything that your prospect tells you is a reason for not buying your solution or for delaying a decision. It can be as simple as he doesn’t like the color of the filing cabinet or as complex as he doesn’t believe that it will fulfill his needs.

Your role as a new business salesperson is not necessarily to solve all the objections you receive but to demonstrate how your solution meets the needs, to address complex objections, and to work around simple objections, such as convincing your prospect that the color doesn’t matter.

remember In overcoming objections, a lot of your success comes from your professional approach. Don’t be fazed by objections; they are just part of the ...

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