Chapter 15

Taking Action Today


check Creating and maintaining a sense of urgency

check Setting goals for success

check Increasing your momentum daily

check Working to a structured plan

Taking action today is one of the most important mindsets that a new business salesperson can have, because only by taking action can you reach your goals and hit your targets. The today part is especially important because you have to start sometime, or nothing will ever happen. Sales can be a lonely place, but it can also be the most rewarding of places. Because a lot of the time you’re plowing a lonely furrow, you can easily hide and keep your head down, but you need to avoid falling into this syndrome.

Today is the best time to start taking action to put yourself in control; nobody is going to do it for you, and in new business sales, you need to, and be seen to, lead from the front. In this chapter, you find out the importance of setting goals, building momentum, and having a structured plan as you take action every day.

Your mantra needs to be “don’t do tomorrow what you should do today.” Or to use ...

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