Chapter 19

Qualifying Potential Business


check Knowing that qualifying new business opportunities is vital

check Understanding basic qualification criteria

check Using subjective and objective criteria

check Keeping track of qualification knowledge over time

You have a finite amount of time in your role of winning new business, which means you can’t endlessly chase every bit of potential new business. Although that may sound contrary to the job, it’s one of the keys to being successful in your role. Think about the most successful salespeople you know. Are they constantly chasing their tail trying to keep all the balls in the air? Or are they more measured in their approach, taking the necessary time to cultivate the right opportunities?

You need to have a set of criteria to help you decide which bits of new business are worth spending your time and effort on and to help you to manage the sales process to maximize your chance of getting to the yes decision as quickly as possible. You also need criteria to help you figure out the new business opportunities that you shouldn’t pursue or that ...

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