Chapter 20

Knowing When to Move On


check Letting your qualification criteria guide you

check Tackling personality and group dynamics

check Getting your time back

check Handling indecisive prospects

check Leaving when a prospect lies

As a new business salesperson, you need to recognize that some deals are just not going to happen, regardless of what you do to try to bring those deals in. And there comes a point in some sales cycles where you just have to move on and accept defeat. Recognizing when you’ve reached that stage isn’t always easy because you’re too close to the action, so in this chapter, I highlight the warning signs to look out for.

Some warning signs may be that too much of your time and resources are being consumed without moving the sales cycle forward, or the relationship you’re building with your prospect is just not hitting the right notes. Another clear warning sign is if you realize that your proposed solution isn’t actually going to fit the requirements. In this case, the decision ...

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