Winning the Customer: Turn Consumers into Fans and Get Them to Spend More

Book description

Build Customer Relationships and Win Big Revenue!

“Unbreakable relationships are crucial to success in business. Lou Imbriano captures what it takes to forge the kind of deep credibility that encourages consumers and clients to trust you with their hard-earned dollars. If you want to deepen your customers’ trust and grow your revenues, I suggest you read Winning the Customer and you will win.”
—Bob Reynolds, President & CEO, Putnam Investments

“Lou Imbriano rescues the word ‘winning’ from the clutches of Charlie Sheen . . . and, like a Patriots playbook, Lou takes you through his game plan for successfully building a victorious team that opponents will respect and fear . . . from who should be answering your phone to effectively saying ‘no,’ it’s all there . . . lazy, unmotivated people, this is not for you. . . .”
—Steve Levy, ESPN SportsCenter anchor

“Imbriano definitely made his mark in the NFL and now he’s an MVP again with his new book, Winning the Customer. Lou’s down-to-earth marketing philosophies, which he brought to the Patriots, epitomize how everyone, in any industry, should approach marketing. If you want to truly know how to build remarkable business relationships, read Winning the Customer.”
—Michael O’Hara Lynch, Head of Global Sponsorship, Visa

“At a time when consumers have the power to use media where and how they choose, to like, dislike, and share their opinion on products and corporations, brand engagement is the best answer to build emotional and enduring relationships between brands and all their relevant communities. This book should be given to anyone who wants to understand the new dynamics that can bond brands with their ever-demanding customers.”
—Lucien Boyer, President & Global CEO, Havas Sports & Entertainment

About the Book:

During his nine years in senior marketing positions with the New England Patriots, Lou Imbriano laid the foundation and marketing vision for the football team that led to its astronomical growth and explosive revenue—perfectly positioning them to be ready for when the Patriots became repeat Super Bowl champions and the NFL brand to beat.

Now CEO of TrinityOne, a strategic marketing firm, Lou has an undefeated record of showing all types of companies how to tackle customer relationships and convert them into tangible revenue. In Winning the Customer, Lou delivers his original strategies for both short- and long-term financial success:

  • The Marketing Playbook: how to identify those who are dying to spend money with you
  • Relationship Architecture: how to connect with customers in meaningful ways and create “memorable moments”
  • The Revenue Game: how to build revenue instead of selling concepts

Throughout the book, you’ll find Lou’s dynamic personal stories drawn right from his years of real-world business experience. He’s learned that to maximize revenue, every organization must both turn its customers into fans and coax those fans to spend freely. Winning the Customer shows you how to do just that using the Three Tiers of Customer Relationships. Imbriano shares his strategies with his innovative DELIVERS system: Dedication, Entertainment, Loyalty, Investment, Vision, Energy, Responsibility, and Sacrifice.

Filled with practical information and written in Lou’s inimitable conversational style, Winning the Customer is your all-pro offensive attack against old, ineffective methods and flat results. Lou’s tools will give any business an inspired team, supersized income, and a virtual stadium full of engaged, high-paying customers.

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Winning The Customer
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. Contents
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
  8. Part 1 The Marketing Playbook: Marketing Operations Are Your Foundation
    1. Chapter 1 Transactional Versus Relationship Marketing Model
      1. Designing A Business Operations Model Built For Revenue
        1. Changing How We Thought about Teamwork
        2. Don’t Cover Up the Weak Spots
      2. Management: Reinforcing And Defining Roles
        1. Defining Your Structure
        2. Putting People in Position to Win
        3. Key System Elements
        4. How to Thrive in a Structure as an Employee
        5. Put the CMO in Charge of Both Sales and Marketing
        6. Think Like a Structured CMO Even If You’re a Team of One
      3. Creating Connection Across Departments: Custodians Of The Brand
        1. Going Beyond Reception
    2. Chapter 2 Consumer Affinity: Making Fans Of Your Customers
      1. Creating Fans
        1. Identifying Fans of Your Company
      2. The Rings Of Fan Avidity
        1. Moving Fans to the Inner Rings
      3. Promotions That Move People Through The Rings
        1. Simple, Creative, and Dominating
        2. Little Bit of Time, Big Impact
      4. Promotions For Different Ps
        1. Shock and Awe
      5. Final Thoughts
    3. Chapter 3 Building Revenue-Generating Extensions
      1. The Three-Tier Customer Model
        1. Getting Started: Organizing Your Tiers
        2. The First Tier: Your Season Ticket Holders
        3. The Third Tier: The Corporate Sponsors
        4. The Second Tier: Club Seats
      2. Initial Efforts: How Building A New Stadium Revolutionized Our Marketing
        1. Never Close the Opportunity for Further Revenue
        2. Identifying and Creating Tiers at Your Company
        3. The Birth of the Revenue-Generating Extension
      3. Revenue-Generating Extensions
        1. Don’t Forget the Customer Service
      4. Making It Your Own
      5. Final Thoughts
  9. Part 2 Relationship Architecture: Building Remarkable Business Relationships
    1. Chapter 4 Delivers
      1. D: Dedication
        1. Your Individual Business Brand
        2. Saying No Can Be a Positive
      2. E: Energy
        1. Positive Energy Evokes a Positive Response
        2. Find Your Trigger
      3. L: Loyalty
        1. The Independent Problem Solver
      4. I: Invest
      5. V: Vision
      6. E: Engage And Entertain
      7. R: Responsibility
      8. S: Sacrifice
      9. Relationship Architecture Is A Discipline
    2. Chapter 5 The Ten Commandments Of Relationship Building
      1. The Art Of The Icebreaker
        1. It Takes Only One Change in a Process to Make a Difference
        2. Controlling the Process
      2. The Ten Commandments Of Organizing A Business Relationship
        1. 1. Thou Shouldst Always Review the Business Card of Anyone You Meet
        2. 2. Create a File and a System to Capture Information about the Relationship
        3. 3. Follow Up with Any Person You Meet
        4. 4. Honor Your Relationship and Gather Information
        5. 5. Thou Shalt Not Stop Here
        6. 6. Send Periodic Notes to Keep Communication Flowing
        7. 7. Surprise People by Remembering Something That Is Very Important to Them
        8. 8. Invite People to an Event That You Can Attend Together
        9. 9. See That What You Do DELIVERS to the Relationship
        10. 10. Repeat Commandments through on a Consistent Basis
    3. Chapter 6 Creating Memorable Moments
      1. Memorable Moments
        1. Magnitude or Attitude?
      2. The Bow
        1. Finding the Bow and Tying It Perfectly
        2. It’s All about the Execution
        3. The Hunt for the Perfect Bow
      3. Groups: Exponentially Magnified Relationships
        1. Relationships Equal Revenue
      4. Your Network, Not Your Net Worth
  10. Part 3 The Revenue Game: Converting Relationships Into Revenue
    1. Chapter 7 Build, Don’t Sell
      1. Stop Selling
        1. Keep the Contract in the Drawer
      2. Forgoing The Short-Term Sale
        1. Listen and Solve
      3. Always Be Creating
        1. Closing Isn’t Selling
        2. Cold Calling
      4. Seven Deadly Sins Of Sales And Marketing
        1. Greed
        2. Gluttony
        3. Envy
        4. Sloth
        5. Pride
        6. Lust
        7. Wrath
    2. Chapter 8 Revenue Generation: The New Business Funnel
      1. The Nine Steps Of The New Business Funnel
        1. 1. Prospecting
        2. 2. Research
        3. 3. Identify Your Target List (Short List)
        4. 4. Relationship Architecture
        5. 5. Needs Analysis
        6. 6. Create a Pertinent Program
        7. 7. Pitch the Concept
        8. 8. Exchange Ideas to Get to the Close
        9. 9. Close/Dead
        10. Creating And Generating
    3. Chapter 9 Don’t Spike The Ball On The Five-Yard Line
      1. The Five Factors Of Drive
        1. Direction
        2. Desire
        3. Discipline
        4. Determination
        5. Destination
      2. Sometimes You Just Have To Suck It Up
      3. Giving Up Is Not Part Of The Plan
        1. Quit
        2. Stay the Course
        3. Adapt and Overcome
      4. Don’t Be A Doormat
      5. When The Dust Settles: The Tasmanian Devil Effect
      6. There’s A Price For Everything
  11. Afterword
  12. Index

Product information

  • Title: Winning the Customer: Turn Consumers into Fans and Get Them to Spend More
  • Author(s): Lou Imbriano
  • Release date: September 2011
  • Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
  • ISBN: 9780071775298