Chapter 10. Sustaining and Scaling: The Maturity Model

In the last chapter, we talk about how to get Customer Value Creation (CVC) off the ground in your organization—it is simple to do. Installing the system in your organization takes a little more work, of course. The stories earlier in the book do a good job of highlighting the keys to implementation—getting started and building momentum.

The purpose of this chapter is to help you understand what successful implementation of the CVC Management System looks like in an organization. Specifically, after reading this chapter you will understand:

  • The CVC Maturity Model as a framework for setting expectations and guiding organizations through implementation.

  • Tools and tactics to sustain and scale a system of CVC in an organization.

The Hurdles We Faced

Before jumping into the discussion on sustaining and scaling, let's hear what several individuals at Owens Corning thought were their biggest hurdles in implementing the approach:


What was the biggest hurdle in implementing this approach overall and how did you overcome it?


Bob Harlan, Director of Business Insights, Owens Corning: "I'm thinking about that. The biggest hurdle ... I don't know that it would be fair for me to characterize the biggest hurdle. There are hurdles, and when we think about where we are today in terms of building an overall capability across several hundred people, it requires persistence, some investment in training of those folks. Everyone is familiar with the ...

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