Winning with Past Performance

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Use past performance to win contracts and deliver results at the lowest risk and cost!
The federal government has focused on past performance to rank bidders for almost two decades, yet both the collection and use of past performance information remain disjointed, siloed, and not fully understood in government or industry. Nonetheless, contractors' livelihoods depend on how the government collects and uses their past performance information.
Winning with Past Performance: Strategies for Industry and Government aims to enhance awareness and understanding of past performance processes as well as to promote smart business practices on both the buyer and seller sides of the equation. The authors examine all aspects of past performance, including using feedback to improve performance, the government's evolving use of past performance, and the future of past performance as an evaluation tool.
Winning with Past Performance brings it all together on the subject of past performance and is a ready reference for buyers, sellers, policymakers, contracting professionals, and service providers.

Table of contents

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  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  10. CHAPTER 1: Past Performance in Context
    1. Definition
    2. Collecting Past Performance Information
    3. Evaluating Past Performance
    4. Problems with Past Performance
    5. History of Government Use
  11. CHAPTER 2: The Past Performance Cycle
    1. Buyer Past Performance Cycle
    2. Seller Past Performance Cycle
  12. CHAPTER 3: Past Performance as Storytelling
    1. Providing Just the Facts
    2. Providing Context
    3. Showing Impact
    4. Increasing Understanding
  13. CHAPTER 4: Past Performance Information
    1. Government Repositories
    2. Private Repositories
    3. Firm Repositories
  14. CHAPTER 5: Past Performance Evaluations
    1. Responsibility Determination
    2. Contractor Performance Monitoring
    3. Past Performance as an Evaluation Factor in Source Selection
    4. Client Perceptions
    5. Collection Methods
    6. Assessing Past Performance Write-ups
  15. CHAPTER 6: Disputes and Protests
    1. Timing of Disputes
    2. Contractor Responses to Agency Reviews During Contract Performance
    3. Venue
    4. Basis of Appeals
    5. Case Histories
  16. CHAPTER 7: The Changing Face of Past Performance
    1. What Caused Past Performance to Rise in Importance?
    2. What Will Cause It to Change?
    3. Are There Models to Learn From?
    4. How Do Successful Firms Manage Their Past Performance?
    5. What Are Government Buyers and Policymakers Doing?
  17. CHAPTER 8: The Future of Past Performance
    1. Shorter Cycle Times
    2. Increased Standardization and Digitization
    3. Increased Analyzability of Information in Repositories
    4. More Robust Reviewer Identity
    5. Increased Reviewer Accountability
    6. Increased Access to Information
    7. Broader Participation in Reviews
    8. More Interaction Between Buyers, Sellers, and Interested Parties
    9. More Prominent Use of Social Responsibility Metrics
    10. Past Performance as a True Indicator of Future Performance
  21. INDEX

Product information

  • Title: Winning with Past Performance
  • Author(s): Jim Hiles, W. Earl Wells
  • Release date: April 2015
  • Publisher(s): Berrett-Koehler Publishers
  • ISBN: 9781567264494