Diego, University of Illinois, University of Wisconsin–
Madison, and University of Washington. The members from
the United Kingdom are the universities of Bristol, Leeds,
Manchester, Sheffield, Southampton, and York. The part-
nership’s first programs will be in the areas of bio-
informatics, geography of the new economy, public policy
and management, smart materials, and nanotechnology.
Sylvan Learning and Sylvan
International Universities
Sylvan has a brand history and market reach that is
allowing the company to move quickly into international
markets and become a leader in e-learning. The company
now has five operating units: Learning Centers, Education
Solutions, English Language Instruction, International
Universities, and Ventures. In the postsecondary market,
Sylvan launched Sylvan International Universities (SIU) in
1999 with a series of acquisitions and ownership stakes in
four private, locally accredited institutions: Universidad
Europea de Madrid, Les Roches School of Hotel Manage-
ment, Universidad del Valle de Mexico, and Universidad de
Las Americas. Sylvan’s current strategy includes localiza-
tion in foreign markets, blending clicks and bricks for edu-
cation delivery, following local regulatory environments,
and syndicating content across postsecondary units. Sylvan
plans to acquire or build new universities in Asia, Latin
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