7Mobile Subscription Management

7.1 Overview

This chapter presents technologies for managing mobile devices and subscriptions based on OTA methodologies. The principles, benefits and challenges of mobile subscription are outlined via the ‘traditional’ subscription management for post‐paid and pre‐paid customers. In addition to the initialization of the subscription which refers to the provisioning procedure, the subscription lifecycle management is explained, i.e., modifying, adding and terminating services.

In addition to the consumer space, the principles for M2M subscriptions are outlined. Followed by current solution descriptions, the near‐future and most probable long‐term solutions for both consumer and M2M subscription management are discussed with concrete examples from the standardization field. These novelty OTA platforms provide operators with a greater level of freedom via increased interoperability along with the development of M2M devices that are equipped with eSEs. These elements cannot be removed physically, however, there are increasing needs for changing the subscriptions between operators during the lifetime of such equipment. This chapter discusses the respective, ongoing standardization in various frontlines that aims to tackle the current limitations of the subscription management.

7.2 Subscription Management

7.2.1 Development

Upon purchasing a new mobile device, the user needs to establish a customer relationship with his/her preferred MNO. There are ...

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