10Future of Wireless Solutions and Security

10.1 Overview

This chapter discusses future views of wireless security, including the development of trends and the impact of key enablers such as Big Data. Related security threats and solutions are discussed, emphasizing the importance of balancing proper security mechanisms while providing fluent user experience and avoiding performance degradation even with extensive data transmission, which can be expected as the number of IoT devices grows. It also summarizes the evolution of sensor networks and their security. Finally, this chapter gives an introduction to the mobile communications systems of 5G and beyond, including items under preparation for standardization and security challenges of future wireless technologies.

10.2 IoT as a Driving Force

As the GSMA has identified, proper preparation for future IoT networks is essential. The GSMA, among other industry initiatives, works on establishing common capabilities among mobile operators. It enables networks, providing the possibility for value creation for all stakeholders in the IoT environment. The GSMA has further concluded that the essential capabilities include security, billing and charging and device management, all of which can enhance the IoT environment by enabling the development of new services. Through the provision of these value‐added services, MNOs can move beyond connectivity and act as a trusted partner for their customers. For the remote M2M provisioning, the ...

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