Wireless J2ME™ Platform Programming

Book description

The authoritative tutorial for wireless J2ME application developers.

  • The essential tutorial for every J2ME platform developer: no wireless experience necessary

  • Complete coverage of architecture, design, coding, debugging, and deployment

  • Advanced topics include-persistent storage, networking, distributed processing, and internationalization

  • The J2ME platform: key terminology, concepts, and application development processes

  • The Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) platform gives developers breakthrough tools for building advanced wireless applications. Now, one of the leading wireless application consultants at Sun has written a step-by-step guide to successful wireless development using the J2ME SDK. Vartan Piroumian illuminates every key feature of the J2ME platform and every step of the development process: planning, architecture, design, coding, compilation, execution, debugging, and deployment. Wireless J2ME Platform Programming covers all this, and more:

  • Using the Mobile Information Device Profile's (MIDP) high-level and low-level APIs

  • Building effective wireless user interfaces with the J2ME platform

  • Leveraging the J2ME platform's facilities for persistent storage

  • Managing, provisioning, and internationalizing wireless applications

  • Integrating complete wireless solutions: Internet portal interfaces, wireless application interfaces, and the wireless Internet environment

  • Wireless J2ME Platform Programming: The must-have guide for writing robust, highly usable, cross-platform wireless applications.

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    Featured topics include:

  • Configurations and profiles

  • User interface components

  • MIDP high-level & low-level APIs

  • MIDP Record Management System (RMS)

  • Event Handling

  • MIDP Generic Connection Framework

  • Application Provisioning systems

  • Application Architecture and the Wireless Internet Environment

  • Table of contents

    1. Copyright
    2. Foreword
    3. Preface
    4. Acknowledgments
    5. Introduction
    6. Introduction to the Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) Platform
      1. Defining a Java Platform for Pervasive Devices
      2. Configurations and Profiles
      3. Device Application Management Systems
      4. Chapter Summary
    7. The MIDP Application Development Process
      1. Designing and Coding
      2. Compilation
      3. Preverification
      4. Packaging
      5. Deployment and Execution
      6. Using the J2ME Wireless Toolkit
      7. Chapter Summary
    8. MIDP Application Program Structure
      1. The Application Execution Lifecycle
      2. MIDlet Program Structure
      3. The MIDlet State Model
      4. The MIDP UI Component Model
      5. System Properties
      6. Application Properties
      7. Chapter Summary
    9. The MIDP High-Level API
      1. Command Processing
      2. Command-Processing Scenario
      3. Screen Navigation
      4. Command Organization
      5. Chapter Summary
    10. The MIDP UI Components
      1. MIDP UI Component Hierarchy
      2. Screens and Screen Elements
      3. Screen Navigation
      4. More Item Components
      5. Chapter Summary
    11. The MIDP Low-Level API
      1. Command and Event Handling
      2. Graphics Drawing
      3. Chapter Summary
    12. Persistent Storage Support in MIDP
      1. Device Support for Persistent Storage
      2. RMS Data Storage Model
      3. Records
      4. An Example Application
      5. Chapter Summary
    13. MIDP Networking and Communications
      1. The MIDP Networking Model
      2. Generic Connection Framework Classes and Interfaces
      3. Differences between J2ME and J2SE Networking
      4. Chapter Summary
    14. Internationalization
      1. Concepts
      2. Internationalization Support in MIDP
      3. Designing an I18N Solution for a MIDP Application
      4. Chapter Summary
    15. Application Provisioning
      1. Concepts
      2. The Provisioning Process
      3. Preparing Applications for Provisioning Systems
      4. Chapter Summary
    16. The Wireless Internet Environment
      1. Background, Terminology, and Concepts
      2. The Wireless Application Environment
      3. Wireless Applications
      4. Application Architecture
      5. Chapter Summary
    17. References
    18. Glossary

    Product information

    • Title: Wireless J2ME™ Platform Programming
    • Author(s): Vartan Piroumian
    • Release date: March 2002
    • Publisher(s): Pearson
    • ISBN: 9780130449146