Chapter 6Offensive Wireshark

Up to now, chapters in this book have been meant to help the good guys, the information security professionals. That stops here. In this chapter, we examine ways in which Wireshark can help the bad guys, or those conducting offensive traffic.

You know Wireshark to be an analysis tool, so you might be wondering how Wireshark can help the hacker. Wireshark is not an offensive tool; it is not capable of actively scanning or exploiting a system. Instead, Wireshark is a packet analysis tool, and even the hacker can benefit from that analysis. There might be times, however, when scanning or exploitation was not performing as expected, and troubleshooting help is needed. Wireshark can check on scanning efforts or figure out why an exploit wasn't effective (or confirm that it was).

Attack Methodology

Depending on the type of security professional you are, you might already be very familiar with the steps an attacker tends to follow. The attack methodology is a generalized, but well-established set of phases any attacker is going to use to search out, identify, test, and exploit a system for the purpose of gaining and keeping access.

The standard outline of how an attacker goes about hacking follows the same reasoning you would take for any challenge, from learning what you can, to attempting to overcome, and finally keeping your position or backing away on your terms.

Here is the attacker methodology:

  1. Perform reconnaissance.
  2. Scan and enumerate.
  3. Gain access. ...

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