Within the Frame, 10th Anniversary Edition

Book description

When Within the Frame first published in 2009, it received high praise for both its practical teaching and its humanity. Ten years later, it is a best-selling modern classic and a must-read.

Author David duChemin’s masterful and balanced emphasis on both the head and the heart—craft and technique on the one hand, passion and vision on the other—mirror the process of creating compelling, meaningful photographs that convey one’s vision. Filled with engaging photography, thought-provoking text, actionable takeaways, and creative exercises, the book’s message continues to resonate strongly with readers across the globe.

In this 10th Anniversary Edition of Within the Frame, celebrating a decade since its original publication, the book is given a hardcover treatment and an updated, refined design.

Whether you’re encountering this classic for the first time or revisiting its universal themes, you’ll find the book inspirational and instructional in its real-world wisdom and beautiful photography. David continues to encourage you to reach beyond the usual shortcuts and search for what matters to you, not giving up until you convey it through your photography: “I’m chasing my vision, and you will chase yours in the places best suited to that. What’s important is that you chase that vision intentionally and with passion, refusing to let it be anything but yours and yours alone.”

Through a heartfelt discussion about creating photographs of people, places, cultures, and the discovery of a personal point of view that makes those stories compelling and authentic, David teaches how to seek and serve your creative vision through the art of photography. He shares the nuances of approaching different subjects, the value of scouting locations (and wandering in unfamiliar places), techniques for photographing landscapes, how to capture a sense of place and culture with sensitivity through images of food, festivals, art, faith, and more. Most importantly, David maintains the crucial theme of vision—and he helps you find, cultivate, and pursue your own, and then fit it within the frame.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Dedication
  5. About the Author
  6. Contents
  7. Foreword
  8. Introduction
  9. Chapter 1 It’s About Vision
    1. Understanding Vision
    2. Chasing Vision
  10. Chapter 2 Within the Frame
    1. Photograph What Moves You
    2. Make Me Care
    3. Putting It in the Frame
    4. Excluding It from the Frame
    5. Indecisive Moments
    6. It’s All Subjective
    7. The Illusion of the Exotic
    8. Putting Time Within the Frame
      1. Length of Time
      2. Choice of Moment
  11. Chapter 3 The Artist and the Geek
    1. Gear Is Good, Vision Is Better
    2. Decent Exposures
      1. The Best Digital Negative
      2. Exposing for the Highlights
    3. Seeing the Light
    4. Choose Your Lens Based on Behavior
      1. Telephoto Lenses
      2. Pushing the Wide
    5. The Rule of Thirds
    6. There Is No Un-Suck Filter
    7. Inspiration and Perspiration
  12. Chapter 4 Storytelling
    1. Universal Themes
    2. Conflict Within the Frame
    3. The Photo Essay
    4. Relationships
    5. Attention Management
    6. Leaving Clues and Provoking Questions
  13. Chapter 5 Photographing People
    1. Approaching People
    2. The Language Barrier
    3. The Eyes Have It
    4. Capturing Emotion
    5. On Giving and Taking
    6. Indecent Exposures
    7. Photographing Children
    8. Photographing the Elderly
    9. Candids vs. Portraits
      1. Why Photograph Candid Street Scenes?
      2. Staying Focused
    10. Abstracting People
    11. Lighting Challenges on Location
    12. Four More
  14. Chapter 6 Photographing Places
    1. Research
    2. Scouting
    3. Not-So-Great Expectations
    4. Be Prepared
    5. Beyond the Postcard: The Value of Wandering
    6. Slow Down
    7. The Feel of Place: Sensual Exploration
    8. Be Present: Physical and Emotional Receptivity
      1. Be in the Right Place . . .
      2. . . . At the Right Time . . .
      3. . . . In the Right Frame of Mind
    9. Photographing Iconic Places
    10. Iconic Images in Mundane Places
    11. Making the Image
      1. Wait for It
      2. Seek It
      3. Mine It
    12. Adding the Human Element
    13. Adding Scale
    14. Landscapes
    15. Creating Depth with Layers
    16. Photograph the Big Stuff
    17. Shoot the Details
  15. Chapter 7 Photographing Culture
    1. Cultural Sensitivity
      1. Research and Ask Questions
      2. Values and Taboos
      3. Different Isn’t Wrong
      4. We Are All Different, We Are All the Same
    2. History and Heroes
    3. Photographing Food
    4. Festivals and Celebrations
    5. Photographing Art
    6. Photographing Language
    7. Photographing Faith
      1. Remember the Deeper Subject and Find a Way to Express It
      2. Be Respectful
  16. Final Thoughts

Product information

  • Title: Within the Frame, 10th Anniversary Edition
  • Author(s): David Duchemin
  • Release date: January 2019
  • Publisher(s): Rocky Nook
  • ISBN: 9781681984582