Find, Replace, and Go To


  • Using the Navigation pane to search the document
  • Finding text and formatting
  • Replacing text and formatting
  • Changing search options
  • Using special search codes
  • Using wildcards for a broader search
  • Navigating in a document with Go To

Throughout the years, for many, Word's fabulously powerful array of Find and Replace tools stands out as a great strength. You can accomplish some pretty amazing and sophisticated techniques with these tools, replacing hours of tedious editing and reformatting with a few short techniques. This chapter helps you learn all of the ways that you can make Find and Replace work for you, giving you the skills and knowledge to dazzle your colleagues and friends.

Searching with the Navigation Pane

Word 2013 provides two ways to find a word or phrase used throughout the document. You can use the traditional Find and Replace dialog box like the one found in many different applications, or you can use the Navigation pane. Both methods are useful for finding instances of text that you may want to edit. The benefit of using the Navigation pane is that it lists the found results within the context of the heading or sentence where it appears. You can quickly scroll down the pane and select the instance that you want to edit, rather than repeatedly clicking Find Next to move to and review the next matching instance. This makes the Navigation pane a good option for performing a find in a long document.

The Navigation ...

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