Collaborating in the Cloud with SkyDrive


  • Learning the difference between SkyDrive and SkyDrive Pro
  • Saving to your SkyDrive and sharing files
  • Working with SkyDrive Pro
  • Using SkyDrive Pro with Office 365

Word 2013 includes features that integrate it into the cloud more than ever before, and this chapter serves as your roadmap for navigating them. The Microsoft account that you use to sign into Windows 8 and to Word includes free SkyDrive storage. You store files in your SkyDrive and share them from there directly, using the Save or Save As command on the File tab. If needed, you also can install client software to integrate SkyDrive with your Windows desktop file storage. Most versions of Office 2013 also include the SkyDrive Pro application. SkyDrive Pro works with a separate cloud-based service called Office 365 as well as SharePoint. It enables you to sync files from your online library to a local folder. Finally, the chapter concludes by showing a few more things you can accomplish in your Office 365 account in the cloud.

Understanding SkyDrive Pro and SkyDrive for Windows

SkyDrive is cloud-based service that offers you online storage and an online workspace. You automatically receive a SkyDrive account when you create a Microsoft account to sign into Windows 8 or Office 2013. Your free SkyDrive account includes 7 GB of free online storage space, accessed through your Microsoft account sign-on information. You can upgrade your SkyDrive account for ...

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