Chapter 1

Hello, Word!

In This Chapter

arrow Starting Word

arrow Deciphering the Word screen

arrow Quitting Word

arrow Minimizing Word

You can’t do squat with a computer until you start the thing. Likewise, you can’t even write the word squat until you start a word processing program. Because you bought this book and not Pencils For Dummies, the program you need to start is Microsoft Word. This chapter tells you how to get Word started and begin your word processing day. Let me also mention that reading this chapter is a far more enriching experience than reading Pencils For Dummies, which is barely a pamphlet, albeit one that’s charmingly illustrated.

Get into Word

The Windows operating system is rife with various and sundry ways of getting things done. One victim of that variety is the way to start a program. Rather than bore you by listing all those ways, I figure that you simply want to know the best way to start Word. This section offers three solid choices.

check.png Before you can use Word, your computer ...

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