Chapter 28

Labels and Envelopes

In This Chapter

arrow Printing a sheet of identical labels

arrow Merging an address list onto mail labels

arrow Printing a single envelope

Stretching the notion of what a word processor is capable of doing, Word features commands that let you print labels and envelopes. After all, a sheet of labels or an envelope is simply a different type of paper. Rather than conjure a hack to perform the task, Word offers ready-made label- and envelope-printing commands.

Labels Everywhere

Word’s label powers include printing sheets of identical labels or creating individual labels for a mass mailing. This process works because the labels are, at their core, merely cells in a table. So to create a batch of labels in Word, you use special commands to muster a specially formatted table, and then print that document on a sheet of sticky labels.

  • Label printer paper can be found wherever office supplies are sold. Avery is considered the top brand. Other brands use the Avery numbering scheme to describe different types of labels (size, rows, and columns).
  • Buy label paper that’s compatible with your printer. Laser printers need special laser printer labels. Some inkjet printers require ...

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