Chapter 19. Managing Media Files

You learned earlier that all media files you upload to WordPress are listed in the Media Library. In this lesson I show you how to work with the library, both sorting and finding media files, as well as editing and deleting them. I also show you some administrative settings for media files.

Finding Files in the Media Library

You've already seen how the Media Library works on the tabs of the Upload/Insert popup window. The Media Library screen accessed from the Media

Finding Files in the Media Library

One important difference with this screen is that you can see whether a media file is attached to a post, and if so, the name of the post with a direct link. To be attached to a post means that the file is listed in that post's gallery.

Why is it useful to know if a media file is attached? If it's not, you know it's available to be used in a gallery, because media files can be attached to only one post.

If a media file is attached and you want to use it in a different post's gallery, you have two options:

  • Delete the file, which removes it from the first post's gallery, then upload the file into the new post (you cannot simply change the post to which a media file is attached).

  • Upload a second copy of the file (WordPress automatically renames it by adding a number so there's no conflict with the existing copy) into the new post where you want it to appear.

Figure 19-1. Figure 19-1

Of course, if ...

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