Working with Image Galleries

You've seen how WordPress makes it easy to upload and insert images into your posts, but what if you have a lot of images for a single post, say, the pictures for that Jamaican travel package? It would be nice to just show thumbnails of each picture and then have people click them to see the larger version. WordPress lets you insert an image gallery into your posts with only the click of a button.

The term gallery can be a little confusing. In WordPress, it could mean:

  • The complete set of media files attached to a post (not just images)
  • The set of image files for a post that can be inserted into the post using WordPress's built-in Gallery button
  • The output of one of many plugins available for WordPress to display images

Still with me? In this lesson, I'm talking about the galleries you insert into posts using WordPress's own Gallery button, but to avoid confusion, I'll call these image galleries, and I'll use Gallery to refer to the list of files in the Gallery tab.


Start by going to the Upload/Insert menu and clicking the image icon. If you're inserting an image gallery, I'm assuming you have more than one image uploaded, so you'll see a Gallery tab with the number of files in the Gallery listed in brackets (that total, remember, is all media, not just images).

Click the Gallery tab and, as in Figure 15-1, you'll see all your images with thumbnails and the Show link.

Below the list of media files, you'll see ...

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