Activate a plugin The next step after installing a plugin. WordPress displays a list of plugins you've installed, but you need to activate them before they function on your site. You can deactivate a plugin but that still leaves it installed.

Administrator The highest level of WordPress users. Administrators have full access to all administrative functions, as opposed to, say, Editors, who cannot change the theme of a site nor do anything with plugins.

Admin Bar A horizontal menu bar that remains stationary as the page scrolls and is visible to logged-in users of WordPress if they choose. What appears on the bar depends on the user's role and what plugins are being used. By default, the bar is visible while logged in and viewing the live website. Separate controls for visibility on the live site and the administration screens are located on a user's profile page.

Attachment Any file that has been uploaded to a post or page and, as a result, is listed in the gallery for that post or page. Though the file can be used anywhere on the site, that uploading process created a unique relationship to the post or page and, in that sense, the file has been attached to it.

Auto-Embed A feature of WordPress that automatically embeds videos that come from certain video-sharing sites, such as YouTube. Users simply paste the URL of the video on a separate line in the Text Editor and the video will be embedded. For security purposes, the list of allowed sharing sites is set by WordPress, ...

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